Our Range

Our Cowboy Action Shooting Range is on open level ground.

We have Six Cowboy Action Stages.

There is plenty of room for Cowboys to stage their carts and equipment.

Each stage is designed for safety and comfort of our shooters and guests.



Greene County Cowboys shoot our regular match on the 1st Sunday of the Month, March to December*.

We shoot our more casual .22 match on the 4th Saturday of the Month, March* to October.

Registration is from 8:30 to 9:30

Saftey Meeting is at 9:45 (mandatory for all shooters)

Shooting starts at 10:00

2018 Shoot Dates
Regular Cowboy Shoots
Mar- 4
Apr- 1
May- 6
Jun- 3
Jul- 1
Aug- 5
Sep- 2
Oct- 7
Nov- 4
Dec- 2
.22 Cal Cowboy Shoot
Mar- 24
April- 28
May- 26
Jun- 23
Jul- 28
Aug - 25
Oct- 27